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Build your web presence with advertising placements on highly known websites across the Lycos network.

Download a full list of advertising opportunities or pick and choose individual Lycos properties from the listing below.

  • Search, a pioneer in the search market continues to provide our visitors with top of the line search queries and additional sources of topical news content.

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  • Games

    Providing our visitors with thousands of online games, across multiple categories of game-play.

  • Mail

    Lycos's fast, reliable and FREE email service.

  • Shopping

    Compare top products from hundreds of merchants to make sure you're always getting the best deal possible.

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  • Tripod

    Tripod provides to tools people need to build the websites they want. Whether it be budding web designers to various types of small businesses and professional organizations, millions of people have used Tripod to get their websites up and running.

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  • Angelfire

    The simple alternative for creating professional-looking, free websites. Our easy-to-use tools have been giving people a place to call home on the web since the mid 90's.

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